Autobody Fine Art Gallery

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Just after Autobody Fine Art Gallery opened its doors they realized they needed help with their image. To attract artists and buyers, they needed to up their game. That’s where we came in. We established their brand presence through logo design, stationery, brochures, website and signage. We also designed monthly art show and event announcement postcards and workshop schedules.

“Autobody Fine Art was formed to represent emerging and mid-career artists in the Bay Area and beyond. We needed a clean, intelligent and approachable look that radiated these ideals. SunDesign worked with us and completely understood our needs. They have been responsible for branding our business and positioning us through developing graphics that are as contemporary as the artists we exhibit. Punctual, flexible and with a great sense of humour, SunDesign’s work is a fantastic example of how design really does influence the way in which business is conducted.”
– Jacqueline Cooper, Autobody Fine Art

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