We’re a collective group of graphic designers, strategists, writers, illustrators and technologists who believe in the power of insightful design to solve problems. We provide unique visual communication that uses smart design and innovative technology to produce sustainable brand images. But above all else, we believe design can create positive connections. Every project is built upon these three pillars: humanistic intent; thoughtful design; creative solutions.

Design has the power to move mountains.
Through creativity amazing things can happen.



A designer, developer, writer and an illustrator walked into an office space and said, “Let’s get out of here!” SDS has a virtual office where we’re able to work in the comfort of our home offices while still connecting via technology. We’ve been doing it this way for a long time, and it works. Plus it has benefits. Lower overhead means no “big agency” prices.

Also, being able to roam freely about our own environment fosters more creativity and spontaneous ideas (best ideas can happen in the shower). And lastly, overall we’re more relaxed and less stressed. We believe this is the future, as more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home, as long as the work gets done.


Since founding SunDesign Studios in 2001, and throughout 28 years in graphic design communication, Sunshine Urbaniak has earned a first-class reputation applying creative, positive focus to branding and marketing messages for clients in San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia. She has given a unique voice to numerous businesses through her passionate, creative design services including brand identity, print, web, and interactive.

Over the years, Sunshine’s diverse client range has allowed her to experience different industries and their unique requirements. Ultimately her goal with every project is to create positive connections between her client and their audience. Her enthusiasm for environmental, arts, and humanitarian causes resulted in working with several non-profits including The Trust for Public Land, Unesco World Heritage Marine Programme, American Solar Energy Society, and Million Solar Stars. When designing for such clients, Sunshine is most engaged and inspired, knowing her work is helping to make the world a better place.

Prior to founding SunDesign Studios, Sunshine gained design experience working at several design studios and advertising agencies ranging in location from California to New Orleans to New Jersey. Through these employments, she quickly acquired the skills to design, manage and deliver projects on time and on budget. She also had opportunities to design for many industries on diverse project types, such as billboards, magazines, ads, and photography for casinos, hotels, and various B2B’s. Today, her range of projects is wide, comprising of large-scale branding to annual reports to website design and development and everything in between that supports her client’s marketing efforts.

Sunshine Urbaniak

Sunshine attended Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ and Platt College in San Francisco, CA.

She also owns Sunography, an outlet for her obsession with macro floral photography. Seven of her photographs currently hang in the guest corridors of The Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Sunshine Rising is her inspirational living blog site— a destination for all things positive.