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SDS serves as ASES’s creative director, magazine designer, webmaster, and more. So when it came time for a redesign of the ASES National Solar Tour website, we were ready to help. As brand policers, we adhered to the visual guidelines we established, which include color, fonts, and overall layout style. This website features a map showcasing all the tour hosts where people can RSVP and get involved. VISIT SITE


Designers are the link between the client and the audience. On the one hand, a client is often too close to the message to understand various ways in which it can be presented. The audience, on the other hand, is often too broad to have any direct impact on how a communication is presented. What’s more, it is usually difficult to make the audience a part of the creative process. Unlike client and audience, graphic designers learn how to construct a message and how to present it successfully.


Soon single-use plastic bags will be a thing of the past. You’ll need to prepared to use your own reusable bag when shopping. This lightweight tote from Holyluck can carry up to 42 lbs, is machine-washable, and comes in a pack of three with lots of fabric design options. And it folds compactly for storage. Keep them folded up in my carry bag and car so you’re always prepared. GET IT


Did you know that physical exercise helps you make better, more focused decision-making? Specifically, research published in Behavior Modification shows that regular activity can improve “self-controlled decision-making”–reducing decisions made for instant gratification and out of impulsivity, and increasing decisions made to delay gratification. Another study found that exercising in the morning could improve decision-making throughout the day. So get moving!


Soemtimes you just need that one song that brings you to your happy place. This is that song for me. When it comes on I smile, I just have to dance and sing, no matter where I am. It has inspired many kitchen dance parties! LISTEN

"SDS is our go-to graphic studio for a range of projects including print, web and photographic. As a designer myself, I appreciate their eye for what makes an appealing layout, rarely have we had to give them anything more than passing direction. That’s the true hallmark of a professional."

Adam Aronson


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