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We helped Eyelation with a custom Lilitab Kiosk Backdrop Graphic design. These kiosks will be replacing larger, outdated ones that allow the user to place orders for prescription safety glasses, and eventually other safety products. They decided to add the Backdrop Graphic for added visual appeal plus instruction.


With so much over-saturation in the marketplace these days, one of the most effective ways to stand out is with good design. Good design starts with knowing your customer. What will speak to them? How will your message translate? What colors will draw them in? What mood are we creating? Good design answers all these questions and more, leading to increased visibility among the crowd.


Spring is here and so is allergy season. The Coway Airmega 400S Purifier creates an allergen-free environment for those who are constantly going through bottles of Flonase and boxes of tissues. It has a sensor that can monitor the air quality in your home and adjust it as the weather changes. It’s also compatible with Alexa. GET IT


If you suffer from spring allergies, then leaving your mask on while outside could help reduce your symptoms. Usually, most can/want to remove their masks when outside and social distancing, but you might want to leave it on while gardening or taking a stroll among blooming trees. It may not prevent symptoms 100%, but it surely helps shield pollen from entering your nose and mouth. Happy spring!


LA-based Rob McCurdy, AKA MOSSS, debuted his first single in 2017 and compiled his first EP Pale Blue in 2019. It has five dreamy tracks that blend basslines and guitars with infectious electronic pop and R&B. LISTEN

"SDS is our go-to graphic studio for a range of projects including print, web and photographic. As a designer myself, I appreciate their eye for what makes an appealing layout, rarely have we had to give them anything more than passing direction. That’s the true hallmark of a professional."

Adam Aronson


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